Original Art by Luminita Lou Serbanescu
                     Original Art by Luminita Lou Serbanescu

Moving Day

Protectors of the Earths (24x6)
Head for the Hills (36x12)
Have Mountain, will Travel (20x16)
Moving Day (20x16) SOLD

When you are moving, you might think you leave everything behind, but you do not!  You take your dreams, loves, beliefs, with you!  Also the village that helped raise you, the mountain of your heritage, ancesters, music of your past, as well as the fortress and the eagles! And when the humanity finally endangers the Earth, a mother and her daughter are saving two Baobabs by taking them to a safe place shown to them by the wise Raven!  So, at the end, the Eagles are taking the Earth in their nest, to protect and save!  It's Moving Day!



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